Thursday, 30 April 2015

Fantastic Day

Wow wow wow what an amazing day!! 

Started with a business meeting walk around a field with Sarah Lill, fresh air, exercise and brainstorming.

Excellent results by EVERY customer all day!  It is what we do this for!! 

Popping in at the cottages to find the team completely on top of the job!  

A Fantastic team run at 6.15 which is every Thursday! #projectus continues and we now have 25 joined into the 90 day challenge!!

New business members joining the opportunity - Helen Hodgson and Sharon Pountley you will be ace!  Adam Harper - Complete legend!!!  Results are outstanding and now recommending your new lifestyle to others!

The team helping to bring a healthy active lifestyle and are really spreading the Herby love, Sophie Garner and Kirsty Smith - A complete dream team!!

To top it all off Aimee Park has a 3 day trial OMG!! Your Wife Victoria Pollitt will be so relieved lol xx

Finally enjoying a romantic stew and sweet potato with Phill after kissing the little ones good night.

The zest continues and I cannot love life anymore right now!!!

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Happy Birthday me....

So I have been with Herbalife since September last year - nearly 7 months and my life is completely different!  I have really found myself and feel I was meant to be doing this!

I am helping over 60 people feel better about themselves and by teaching I am learning everyday!

35 today and happier with more zest for life than EVER! 

I have been totally spoilt by my friends, family and husband and am surrounded by positive & inspirational people. Thank you so much everyone -  Completely humbled!!!

So what is next?  I am having a bit of a wild weekend before hitting my 90 day challenge tomorrow!

So my Level 10 begins tomorrow and I am announcing (oh no it is public) that I will not touch alcohol, junk food or anything unhealthy for 90 days.  I will also do my best to fit exercise in EVERY DAY!  My step goal is 15,000 and I intend to smash it daily for 90 days!  I am testing myself completely!

I have been living an active healthy lifestyle for 7 months but also enjoying the odd night out, drinks with friends and living which of course you should do from time to time as life is about LIVING!  

But these next 90 days is and will be a challenge of my will-power!  

Remember it isn't will power it is why power!  Find your "Why" and your "Will" will follow! 

My Why is my many customers, team members and friends!  If I can be an inspiration to others and help them find their why then that will spur me on and make my dreams come true!!!

It is all about changing lives for the better!

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Saturday Weigh ins

Every Saturday at home has become a weekly weighing in club and the atmosphere, team spirit, results and stories are just fantastic!!

To date the results are....These guys have now lost 220cm, 6 stone, 22% body fat and 24 years off their age collectively wow wow wow. Good luck Andy on your journey. — with Suzanne Hugill and Adam Harper.

What a way to start the weekend!

Friday, 24 April 2015

Herbalife night out

Our very first Herbalife Team night out was great fun!  It just happened to be my birthday weekend and the ladies spoilt me rotten!!!  Thank you Thank You Thank You!!!

I really was treated to some amazing surprises and treats!  Jayne Cowell, Kirst Smith, Louise Stone, Gill Williamson, Sonia Crawford and Vicky Pollitt you are all amazing ladies!!!

We learnt a lot at the new member meeting and met some great Herbalife team players and Presidents team member, 18 years a Herbalife Distributor Simon Brown who was such an inspiration!

Just look what I came home with......

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Running Club!

Our Brand New Running Club started today and will run (literally) every Thursday, we meet at 6pm for 6.15pm start from the Hillside Rural Activities Park in Knayton! 
The music was playing and atmosphere FAB!  Why run alone when you can join us?

Under 5 miles and everyone is welcome, lets get fit for the summer! Walk at first if needed but just come along and give it a go!

Monday, 20 April 2015

Level 10

What is Level 10?

Herbalife know that if we can stick to something for 90 days it will become ingrained in us and almost like a habit be more of a way of life.  They have designed the Level 10 Challenge to spur us all on to challenge ourselves for 90 days to become the VERY BEST "US"!

The VERY BEST we can be!

What can we achieve if we really put our minds to it?

The team are signing up and so am I!.......

All you need is a picture of yourself with todays paper (as date evidence) and your statistics as below.....

Once these are logged in through your coach they will be tracked weekly for 90 days!  Then along with your story, your results will be judged by a Herbalife panel and the winner will be announced at your local meeting.  

The prizes are amazing from large cash amounts to holidays!

You don't even have to be living a Herbalife to enter!!

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Another wonderful Manchester BBS Meeting

Today on my way to the monthly Premier Cottages board meeting I stopped off in Manchester for their meeting and I am so glad I did!

I just love meeting the Herba family and making friends and cementing relationships but I also can't get enough of the Herbalife stories and the way this international Nutritional Company has changed so many lives!

I won't go into them too much as you really need to hear them from the horses mouth but.... when you hear Tanya Whittam's story be ready with the tissues!

I also received my certificates for becoming an Active Supervisor (2500 Herba points for 3 consecutive months) and my world team certificate.  Proud moments.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Sophie your first shake party!

Sophie Garner began Herbalife early in the year and decided to join the team with setting up the buggy club, introducing Kirsty Smith and then invited her friends and family to try the products at her first shake party!

We had a blast and Sophie you are doing AMAZING!!  Weight loss, fat % lost and your enthusiasm for the products is infectious!!


So Easter has come and gone and I didn't eat all of the chocolate eggs!  Whoop!!

The team have all been extremely good too and everyone is still on track ready to bounce about in shorts this summer!

Usually by now (take a look at my very first post) I would have been eating my way back up to 10.5-11 stone with terribly unhealthy foods and absolutely no exercise.

It was my way of throwing my harsh "holiday diet" out of the window and enjoying food again or so I thought!  I would then feel bloated, miserable and have no energy.

Now all cravings have disappeared and I feel fantastic!  I don't fight with myself over my diet as I am now living a healthy active lifestyle and make the right choices without having to think about it!

I still enjoy the odd night out, glass of wine/fiz or two and don't worry as my metabolism is booming and can cope with the odd rough night.  Mornings are much easier and I have so much energy for life right now!!

Thank you to Herbalife!!!